Innovative Coatings Technology

About ICT

Innovative Coatings Technologies is a Colorado based distributor of high performance coatings manufactured by Superior Products International, II. Superior Products International II has been revolutionizing the coatings industry since 1989. Together with our teaming partner Tuned Coatings, we are focused on growing market share in the United States and abroad.

Superior Products International II, Inc. is a rapidly growing and leading edge developer and manufacturer of solutions for thermal and corrosion control. They offer advanced technology, environmentally friendly and energy saving coatings. Superior Products International is committed to supplying innovative coatings that present specialized solutions to previously unsolvable problems. Our products have been developed, refined, and proven as the finest in the world market.

Our sales team has received extensive training in the product line and offers a wide variety of expertise and knowledge about the high performance coating industry. In addition we utilize only certified contractors to completely oversee every project ensuring highest quality of application.