Innovative Coatings Technology


Versatile Fireproofing Coating

Omega Fire coating is a unique blend of eight ceramics that combine together to ensure extra safety in structures by creating a heat block (fire wall) that resists extreme heat migration and fire. Omega Fire is a water-based (non toxic) insulation and fire-protection coatings that dries tough and is designed to withstand temperatures of 2000F degrees without collapse or failure. A two to seven hour fire rating is obtainable when utilizing the Omega Fire System. Omega Fire can be used across all industrial, commercial and residential boundaries. It can be sprayed into all angles, corners, columns, and tight areas providing a major advantage over all other materials to completely fire protect structures and facilities.

Omega Fire can be applied to any clean, dry interior surfaces that are free of wax, grease and oil. It can be used on metal, concrete, stucco, plasterboard, wood, plastic and composite surfaces and on ceilings and walls for fire protection. Unlike most fire barriers requiring 2-3 inches thickness (50-70mm), Omega Fire requires only 8-10 mm (350-400 mils) over wood and porous substrates, over metal 7 to 8 mm (300-350 mils) thickness to provide fire protection.

Test and Certifications:

  • Omega Fire has been tested for fire endurance under UL testing for 165 minutes
  • Exceeded 3 hours in the ASTM E-119 structural steel fire test (over metal plate - test was stopped without failure of coating
  • Exceeded 2 hours in the UL 1709 structural steel fire test
  • Approved MEA Certificate with the NYC Fire Building Codes - 2 hour Fire Rating on steel support columns

Benefits of Omega Fire:

  • Unique Powerful Formula - Hybrid material with 8 different ceramics mixed with glazing materials forms a fire barrier
  • Durable - Humidity and water-resistant while fighting mold, mildew and condensation
  • Long Lasting - Does not flake like conventional fireproofing materials and stays intact while maintaining flexibility at the adhesion point to prevent shifting when substrate moves during fire
  • Water based - Non toxic wet/dry and during/after exposure to fire
  • Fungus and Mildew Resistant - Resin blend forms a tight surface stopping the corrosive effects of moisture and air from penetrating a coated surface