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Tucson Airport Project
Tucson Airport Project Over 700,000 sq/ft of Super Therm Results 22% Total Utility Savings, 40% Heating and Cooling Cost Savings

super therm®

The Most Effective Ceramic Insulation and Weatherization Coating on the Market. Save up to 35% on your utility bills!

Super Therm® is a ceramic based insulating coating, designed to block heat load, moisture penetration and air infiltration over a surface all while reducing energy costs. The only ceramic coating on the market developed with the assistance of NASA, Super Therm is the most effective and longest lasting ceramic roof coating on the market. Super Therm® prevents up to 96% of heat from loading into your building or roof, providing an R-19 equivalency with a 10 mill (10 one-thousandths of an inch) thickness. Furthermore, Super Therm® is LEED certified Green by the US Green Building Council and is environmentally friendly approved by the Cradle-to-Cradle Program of the MBDC, Energy Star, FM, GSA, ECAP, EPA, ASTM, and ABS.

Super Therm® has been manufactured for over 25 years and has been applied to over 160,000,000 sq ft of surface throughout the world. By applying a coating the thickness of a business card, you will receive insulation value equivalent to R19. Super Therm® also blocks water and moisture, air infiltration, 68% sound deadening, Class A Fire Rated and has an emissivity of 0.91. Tests have shown this product to leave a roof virtually maintenance free for up to 20 years!


  • Saves Energy Usage of 20-70% for air-conditioned buildings during the warmer months, averaging 25%-35% annual total utility savings
  • Reflects and Blocks over 95% of the radiation from the sun
  • R-19 Equivalent Rating (equal to 6-8 inches of fiberglass)
  • Thermal Moisture Barrier that stops water penetration, prevents corrosion and surface deterioration, and repels dirt, mold, and mildew
  • Extremely Thin Application that is only the thickness of a business card, but has been shown to outperform fiberglass in laboratory and fielding testing
  • Unique Ceramic Composition:
    • Blend of four different ceramics that block all windows of heat transfer
    • Other ceramic coatings only contain glass hollow spheres that reflect visual light when clean but absorb and transfer other windows of heat
    • Only ceramic coating rated as an insulator by BOCA (U.S. Building Code)
    • Includes various resins, including urethanes, for durability and longevity
  • Dampens Up To 68% of Sound Waves in field applications and studies
  • Class A fire rating. In case of fire, Super Therm®will help to prevent transfer of fire and heat and will not contribute to flame spread
  • Prevents Growth of Mold and Mildew
  • USDA Approved for use in and around food preparation areas
  • Eliminates Most Expansion and Contraction of metal roofing and concrete
  • Environmentally Friendly. LEED Green Certified
  • Long life - 20 year life expectancy on roofing under normal conditions
  • Return on Investment (ROI) averages less than 24 months

"Hard Facts" about Super Therm® Performance:

  • Vodafone Engineering Study showed a 52% reduction in KW usage on mobile phone containers. Vodafone is the largest mobile telecommunications network in the world.
  • Clark County School District (the 5th largest school district in the U.S.) Engineering Study projected a Return on Investment in as little as 8 months saving the district an estimated $12,000,000/year in utility costs.
  • Florida Department of Energy Specialist documents a 30% utility savings on homes in Florida (hot, humid climate) and in Denver (dry climate). Florida DOE found nearly identical results when they tested Super Therm® over steel containers.
  • German Mechanical Engineer in Construction and Physics makes a study of home coated in with Super Therm® and finds 76% less energy usage as compared to fiberglass and rock wool.
  • Sony Corporation coats roof and walls of one monitored building and finds a 78% reduction in total energy consumption.
  • United Parcel Service coated 96,000 delivery truck roofs and by so doing noted an average of a 23F degree temperature reduction in the interior of the vehicle.
  • An international shipping company insulated their metal shipping containers and found that after 4 days in the sun, the temperature on the inside of the containers was only 5 degrees different than it was when they first placed their frozen goods inside. No refrigeration required!

This image displays a section of asphalt roof. The left hand (purple) has been coated with  Super Therm. The right (yellow) is the uncoated section. The middle raised barrier is a firewall.
This image displays a section of asphalt roof. The left hand (purple) has been coated with
Super Therm. The right (yellow) is the uncoated section. The middle raised barrier is a firewall.